Happy New Year

Greetings and Happy New Year!

As the new year begins, we all think of the ways we’d like our lives and health to improve to be more of a reflection of who we are. So we make resolutions and promises, declare our belief in a new diet or a new approach to life.

This year, mine is simple. More joy. Even though I’m quick to laugh, and can find the humor and lightness in a situation, I have been a deadly serious health warrior for a long time. Over the last weeks, I have felt a deep weariness in my bones from years of being on the front lines of fighting illness. Sometimes the warrior in me becomes a diplomat because she’s tired of fighting or has an epiphany about the impact of always being at war. That love is powerful too. Or, that learning to meditate and take quiet time, is a wise idea and can bring many moments of calm and a more resilient spirit, but eventually, it’s back to the front.

For this new year, I’m planting some seeds on the battlefield. Maybe all this warrior action has tilled the soil, carefully removed the land mines, and now the land is ready for new seed stock. Creative, potent, seeds that will grow like wild and feed many.

I’m planting joy.  Not that the discipline of warrior training will leave me, but my hope is that the joy can overtake the war.

How about you? What seeds are you planting for the new year? See if you can make it simple. Maybe choose just one thing, even though there are probably many that you want to plant in the newly open space in your garden. It can be a quality you want to embody, a wish for your health or the health of a loved one, or to begin to notice more quickly, when your child needs your attention. And, if on the other hand you want to get elaborate, go for it! Flesh out the whole picture and add every last detail, every bell and whistle, in your mind or on paper. See your dream garden in living color.

And if your garden is way too crowded right now to plant anything else, think about what you’d like to let go of, and imagine pulling it out by its roots and composting it. Or using it in soup! Change it up in some way.

Enjoy pondering this. And let me know what you choose to plant, let go of, or both, for the New Year.

Here’s to Joy! The adorable girl in the photo is my niece, Emily, who has always had a joyful heart.

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Little Emily Dancing